Damla Faro

Damla Faro created a fantastic dream-world with her installations and photographs, looking askance from a comfortable distance. Her focus on details beyond the misty images takes the viewer through a tunnel of time and space, representing a forgotten and uncommon reality. In this world, there are fairies, miniatures, illustrated figures, people of various sizes, flowers and toys. The photographs that are constructed on a book page, computer screen, a shoe-box or a large packing crate brim with clues referring to daily life. They bind the two-dimensional attributes of the fairy tales to three-dimensional reality, connecting the past and the present, the conscious and the subconscious.

Faro’s works, which can also be viewed as installations, are contemporary fairy tales. “Sometimes what you need is to deconstruct something ordinary into pieces and blur it in your mind. Your vision becomes blurred, but when you focus on it you find yourself in a world where everything is possible”. Within this context, her photographs are constructed and decipher the medium’s relation to reality. Faro's photographic spaces are created characters with tricks of shadow and perspective.

Damla Faro (1975-2016)received a communications degree in London in 1997 and completed her MA in Arts Administration at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago. She subsequently worked at various institutions, including the Chicago Photography Center and Betty Rymer Galley. Faro’s works have been displayed in art fairs like Scope Miami and Contemporary Istanbul. She had her first solo exhibition in 2007 at artSümer and worked with the gallery until recently.

We are proud to have known her and worked with her. We miss her deeply.